Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to listen to once I move.

As soon as "And The Rat Laughed" is finished, I will be packing up and heading for Winnipeg. It's a family decision but one that has a very real effect, both positively and negatively, on my career, which I'll talk about in another post.

Today, though, I was reading October's The Walrus, a Canadian magazine covering all things art, literature, politics, and just general Canadian issues. This month they have an article about Rich Terfry and his show, "Drive," on CBC that replaced a large block of classical programing during the format shift a year ago. Now, while it's a great radio program, and while I know that the CBC still plays some classical music, it makes me wonder what I'm going to do for classical music once I move. Here in Burlington I don't even have Radio 2 on my FM1 presets in my car, it's on FM2. The two classical stations that I tune to most are Classical 96.3 and WNED out of Buffalo as I know when I tune into them, that I'll get what I want, even at the risk of some short format music or US news breaks, depending on the station.

This leads me to the question: Once I move to Winnipeg, what the heck will I listen to? Without a commercial classical station, and being too far from North Dakota to pick up any US classical radio, am I stuck with CDs? Is Sirius radio, with the admittedly appealing Met Opera channel, but the less appealing monthly fees, in my future? It looks like I'm bound to be stuck without Canadian classical music when driving. As for at home, at least I made this handy list.

How about it folks? Any ideas? What do those of you who live outside of the Golden Horseshoe do for music, especially in the car? I'm open to any ideas that you have.

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Anonymous said...

Go for the Sirius! We got it when we were out prairie-way, but even now that we are back in Ontario (south of Niagara) we find it worth the subscription costs.