Thursday, October 22, 2009

And you think that corporate sponsorship is prevalent today...

So The Internet Archive is publishing that scanned microfilms of various libraries and groups I just found this - a Vancouver Opera House program from a December 11, 1897 performance of "La Grande Duchess" by The Calhoun Opera Company, available here (see the "View The Book" section on the left of the page). It was starring Adele Farrington who later went on to have a pretty good film career, appearing in as many as many as 15 movies a year

It's neat to look at: it's three pages long but with only enough information on it for maybe half a page: A shrunken cast list and scene description. There are no bios, no message from the General Director, no photos. The rest of the space on the pages is used for ads. In fact, they're so prevalent that it makes internet pop-up ads on the wackiest of internet pages seem understated. There are ads today, sure, but nothing like this. The only thing crazier is beer at 5 cents a glass!

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