Friday, October 2, 2009

This. Sounds. Legen... wait for it...dary!

"The Nightingale and Other Short Fables" is making it's world premiere in two weeks and more details about the production are out now. We've already seen the puppet mastery in store for us but the big surprise was still to come, apparently. With Robert LePage at the helm, could we expect anything different?

In a new Canadian Press interview he talks about the most daunting part of the upcoming production: Filling the orchestra pit with 60,000 lbs (almost 28,000 litres, by my count) of water so that the singers can wade into it, all while manipulating puppets as they sing.


Crazy. Awesome. Again: What?

This has all kinds of must-see written all over it. As much as I wanted to see this show before, my desire has been multiplied tenfold. Oh, and I'm under 30 so I can go for only $10.

Under 30 or not, go get tickets for this. The specticle alone will be worth checking out.

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