Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your input needed: Canadian opera company profiles

I've promised to do it for a while now but I'm finally putting the questions together now: I'm going to be asking some of the Artistic/General Directors of some of the small and medium sized companies in Canada to fill us is on what it takes for them to run a company and what singers can expect when they audition/work for them. What I need from you folks are the questions that you'd like to ask companies.

If you had the ability to ask anonymous questions of the Opera Company Gods, what would you like to know? Auditions? Money? Production nuts and bolts? I'll try to include most of the questions in the email that I send out to them (although I can't make them answer them,) so let me know as soon as you can because I'm going to be sending the first batch out right away.

And, if you run a company, let know if you'd like a profile post up on the blog. The questions shouldn't be too painful :-)

Email me at gtheule at gerrittheule.com or leave your questions in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

What are the biggest mistakes they see from young/emerging/unmanaged singers in auditions?

What advice would they give to those singers regarding getting hired, standing out from the pack?

Is chorus really the kiss of death? Or is there some benefit to your local company seeing that you are reliable, know how to move onstage, etc...?

Royce said...

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ericwilliam25 said...
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