Friday, April 9, 2010

Aaaaaaand, we're back

So, 2 1/2 months, eh? Long time no see. I suppose I owe a bit of an explanation to you all.

When I left for Winnipeg in the fall I wasn't quite sure what it would mean professionally. Sure I wasn't in Toronto, or even Montreal or Vancouver, but that didn't mean that I'd be shut out completely, right? Well it turns out that it was a little more isolating than I expected it to be. In Toronto I felt like I was talking to singers, seeing operas, and generally in touch with the arts community every day, even from Burlington. This disconnect made writing the blog a little bit more difficult and, combined with a ton of extra work both in terms of shows (a fun gig with Winnipeg's Little Opera Company coming up next month) and at home, (my wife finished up her Doctoral dissertation and defense,) means that the blog was what gave.

And now I'm back.

Over the last few weeks, as people have started to notice that I was gone, people started to ask why which, to be honest, felt good as I knew that people actually read this. I've also had a strange turnabout where, in two instances, I've had people turn to this blog as a news outlet on opera in Canada; Most recently I've had someone write in with an anonymous tip on something very controversial coming up.

So here we are. Let's see what kind of opera trouble we can get into....


Elizabeth McDonald said...

Great to have you back blogging Gerrit!

Hope you are enjoying in small town Ontario I HEAR you when it comes to being isolated!


Gerrit Theule said...

Make no mistake, I love it here. Family, old and new friends, and enough family support that I can travel (it looks like I'll be gone for around 15-20 weeks next year). But being out of Toronto puts me a little more out of touch than I was expecting, that's all. Thanks for the welcome back!