Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A brand new opera company for Ontario?

Well, isn't this intriguing. A tip has lead me to this as yet unannounced website: www.OperaLondon.ca where we see what I am being told is a new actual opera company in southern Ontario to be lead by Pacific Opera Victoria Artistic Director Timothy Vernon. Apparently born from Orchestra London's dabbles in opera collaborations with POV and (as in this year) the Canadian Operatic Arts Academy at the University of Western Ontario I'm told that it's a next step in formalizing opera for the region. Opera London/ the site currently look like a group in transition where most of the links (including the "Donate" button,) re-direct to Orchestra London, and the Orchestra London website lists the production as their own, but it's clear that they are promoting the same upcomming production of Giulio Cesare as the new company. I tried contacting Orchestra London about it, but they didn't reply.

Also interestingly, although the site lists Opera London as receiving Trillium Foundation support, I can't find a 2009/2010 grant for them on the Trillium website.

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Elizabeth McDonald said...

That could be fantastic! I would be in touch with Sophie Roland at Western as she is the AD of COAA...I'll bet she has some answers!

Thanks for getting this out!