Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Classical Singer subscription

Alright, I suck. It's kind of been a busy month and the blog's fallen by the wayside but at least I'm back with something good:

Classical Singer magazine, which started out life as The New York Opera Newsletter and was really the only place to get opera audition listing for a very long time (until Yap Tracker,) and who's forum spawned NFCS after some bad blood between some members, has a pretty great deal surfacing via their Twitter account: A free subscription to the web service.

By going to and signing up you get access to a number of things but most importantly the Audition Listings and the Magazine Archive. The audition listings are great because, although they're not as thorough as Yap Tracker's they are purely company submitted so you know when you send a package off to a company listed that they want to receive it. The catch is that it's only for the first month after which it's $12/year (regularly $52/year so there's that).

But for my money, the real gem is the magazine archive (which doesn't go away after a "trial" period). Here's why:

For a long, long time, before the Opera America Career Guide books (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you should!) everyone who was anyone who wrote articles for auditioning singers wrote them here. To be honest, most of it was before my day but in the short time that I've been looking through them, there are some really great thoughts put to paper from people who know what they're talking about.

Long story short, use the link. Sign up. It couldn't get any easier!

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