Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vancouver Opera creating a pretty cool position

VO has come up with some pretty great ideas over the last couple of years: Magna/cartoons, Blogger Night at the Opera, their video contest, and more. If fact, they've been one of my favourite companies to write about because they always seem to be doing something new.

Well they've just announced today that they're going to try to stay on the cutting edge of things by appointing Ling Chan (who came up with the Blogger nights, as well as being the person in charge of their Twitter feed and their lead blogger on their site,) to the newly created position of Social Media Manager. From what I gather, this means that she'll be continuing to create new ways to market VO as well as making her already active social media stuff a full time job.

I like it. I'm not a huge fan of "Social Media" as a concept general, (oh, the irony, it pains me,) but only because of the way that it's been abused by corporations as they try to stay"hip." Chan and VO have been doing a great job so far of staying on top of things without looking like my dad trying to pull of skinny jeans just because GQ says so. I think that they've picked the right person for the job - it's a tough one to pull off but she's done well so far. Here's to more great ideas coming soon!

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VOMDAssist said...


Thanks so much for the kind, kind words! What a nice way to end the work week.

I love your skinny jeans metaphor :)

Not to worry - we have ideas coming out of our yin-yang and we can't wait to share them with everybody! Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

~ Ling