Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wouldn't Toi-toi have sufficed

Okay, this is supposed to be a Canadian opera blog, but I just can't let this go without mention: Joyce DiDonato slips and falls if act 1 of Royal Opera's Barber, thinks she has twisted her ankle, but keeps going - fantastic! I love this! This is the kind of singer that I hope I would be in this situation. The real kicker is, it's not sprained. It's broken. What's more, she's going to keep going with the run, via wheelchair! It should make the escape by ladder interesting but this is truly impressive - way to go! Although she asks that no one wish her "break a leg" in the future.

Kudos too to Juan Diego Florez who spent a better part of an aria holding her up to relieve her pain. Reminds me of Caruso and the Vecchia Zimarra where Caruso sang for Andres de Segurola during a performance of La Boheme when he whispered to him, right before the aria, that he'd lost his voice and couldn't do it. Caruso later recorded it:


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