Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Canadian singers promissed at COC

In his blog today, Alexander Neef wrote primarily about something that has been a much talked about issue with regards to the COC: Canadian singers. Over the past years, much has been said and written about the use of foreign talent when Canada produces some of the best singers that the world has today. Wonderfully Mr. Neef recognizes this, on paper at least, and is clearly attempting to fix it.

From the post:

"Since my arrival at the COC we have reached out to all major Canadian singers and tried to establish a relationship with as many of them as possible. I strongly believe these great artists need to consider us as their home company and our courtesy to them should be to start discussing future projects very early so that they know when they will be home and can plan the rest of their seasons then. We also want to give them the possibility to try out new roles in Toronto next to the roles that they are singing all over the world. All this asks for careful long-term preparation."


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