Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recording gear sale

I've just been told that soundprofessionals.com, a really reputable source for recording gear, has the Eridol R-09 at 42% off right now at $289, (reg. $500). The R-09 is one of the best devices out there for doing recordings on your own. It's a solid state device (SD cards) with a separately housed professional grade mic built in that records in CD quality(24bit/96kHz linear PCM + I.A.R.C.). A little pricey, to be sure but if you've been looking for one, or something like it, I've not seen them this cheap.


Chris MacRae said...

Umm... well... The edirol9 has been selling for under $300 retail for quite some time. Saying that it's 42% off AFTER marking it up $200 isn't very special...

Gerrit Theule said...

Ah! You've unmasked, have you?

I've taken a look around and most retail places seem to still have it up at $349, except for Buy.com, which doesn't ship to Canada and somewhere called "Dale Pro Audio," which make all non-US orders "Final Sale," both at $299. If you know of others, especially in Canada though that have it at less than $300 (and especially at CAN$300!), let me know for sure!

I will definitely grant you though that the percentage off that Sound Professionals is using is a little disingenuous.