Monday, August 31, 2009

Failsafe opera bio writing. Can't lose! Guaranteed!

Stuck writing a bio? Give this handy template a shot from The Cereal List:

[NAME] has been recognized as one of the most exciting [INSTRUMENT + 'ISTS'] of [HIS/HER] generation. Since [HIS/HER] debut with the [SMALL REGIONAL ORCHESTRA], [HE/SHE] has been igniting audiences with [HIS/HER] [ADJECTIVE] technique and [SPELLBINDING INTERPRETATIONS OR CAPTIVATING SINCERITY]. [NAME] has performed in [LIST AT LEAST FIVE COUNTRIES, BUT NO MORE THAN 15. IF NUMBER IS > THAN 15, USE CONTINENT NAMES] and garnered many prizes at prestigious national and international competitions, resulting in solo performances at [LIST UP TO 15 FAMOUS CONCERT/RECITAL HALLS]. In addition, [NAME] has been a featured guest performer at many renowned music festivals, including [LIST UP TO 10 FESTIVALS] and at meetings of the [ORGANIZATION(S) DEDICATED TO YOUR INSTRUMENT].

Admittedly, this looks a little too familiar. Almost like it was stolen from my bio.... Guaranteed to alienate, confuse, anger, puzzle, and, most of all, impress!

via The Collaborative Piano Blog

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