Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy opera CDs and DVDs

Okay, I love this site: Premiere Opera has some of the wildest recordings of opera in both CD and DVD formats around. The thing is that they don't have regular recordings: They are by and large bootlegs of a variety of sources from live to radio and others. Why is this on a Canadian Opera blog you might ask (You: "Why?") Because they're doing worldwide free shipping for a week whereas normally it's $3-$6/ item. With DVDs from $1.00 and CDs from $6.95 you can pick up some very cool things. In the past I've grabbed DVDs like the 1989 Cardiff competition (Terfel and Hvorostovsky) and, when I was learning the role, the CD of John Relyea's Bluebeard at Edinburgh. They also have some real rarities like Corelli's last public performance, recorded by someone in the audience.

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