Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alexander Neef: One year in

Later on this month will be the one year anniversary of Alexander Neef's appointment to head the COC. Neef, who came from the Paris Opera, had a sizeable handful of stated goals for the company when he arrived and, as the month goes on we'll talk about how he's fared with them. Just to remind you, some of the goals he mentioned to the Toronto Star were:

• Collaborating with other companies, especially in North America

• Presenting important operas that have never been seen in Toronto, such as Wagner's Parsifal

• Commissioning new operas that will make a long-term contribution to the art form

• Bringing more opera stars to Toronto

I'm curious about your thoughts on how this has gone. It's only been a year and in an industry that works a minimum of 2 years ahead he's had to hit the ground running to be sure! Leave a comment below and we'll chat.

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