Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cheap opera tix around the country for those under 30.

The Vancouver Opera newsletter that came out the other day seems to have spawned an article in the Vancouver Sun about their great deal on tickets for the under 30 crowd. As a singer, I love this: it is, to my mind, one of the best ways (although I'm also a fan of their cartoons/magna and their animation contest,) to ensure a younger current and long term sustainable audience for opera, providing me with years of work - yay! But which companies in the country provide discounts like this to their younger patrons you might ask? [I pause here waiting for you to ask, a la Dr. Bob, for those of you who get the reference.] Well I'll tell you with my handy-dandy chart below:

Vancouver Opera (pdf) - Under 30 - $25

Pacific Opera Victoria - "Students" (not defined) - A rate discount plus access to $15 Rush tickets 45 min. prior to curtain

Calgary Opera - "Students" (HS or univeristy) - A variable rate discount, depending on the section and $15 Rush tickets 1 hour prior to curtain.

Edmonton Opera - "Students" (not defined) - A variable rate discount

Saskatoon Opera - "Students" (not defined) - A 10% discount

Manitoba Opera - Student (under 21) varriable discount - they also access to dress rehearsal tickets at an unspecified discount on a group basis

Opera Hamilton - 30ish and under (it really says that! I love it!) - A variable discount

COC - under 30 - $20 (about 150 per performance!)

Opera In Concert - "Students" (not defined) - A 15-30% discount

Opéra de Montréal - 17 and under - 40% off, 18-30: $30 off the regular subscription price when you buy a subscription to two or more with full subscriber benefits

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