Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dark, dark opera in Canada

I've already discussed a little bit about the opera that I'm in which opens tonight: And The Rat Laughed. It's a 21st c. Israeli opera in Hebrew about a little girl who survives the holocaust by being turned over to an awful, awful family (that's me!) before her parents disappear are killed by the Nazis. It's dark as dark can be, including scenes that I don't even want to mention here, but powerful and important, especially as a part of Holocaust Memorial Week.

Well it looks like the yuks just keep on coming up here in Canada as the CBC is going to start airing this weekend the first of a five part opera called Baby Kintyre, based upon a newborn baby that was buried in a wall in an East Toronto home in the 1920s only to be discovered by a contractor in 2007. Saturday Afternooon at the Opera will carry it in it's regular time slot. Read more about it, if you're still up for it after this joyous post, via the Globe and Mail.

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