Friday, May 29, 2009

Resource sites singers should know

I think that I'll post some of these every once in a while. Singers, especially young singers (not that I'm an old man myself yet,) should know about stuff like this.

The Aria Database:

Exactly what it sounds like. A somewhat comprehensive list of opera arias, complete with range and Tessitura, midi sound files translations, and more. 139 bass arias alone!

Role Classification Databases:

The ones at AGMA (the US singers union) and at CAEA (the Canadian singers union) both keep a list of roles, voice types, and role sizes. A fantastic resource to get an idea of role size, particularly when researching a new role. The AGMA one is a little easier to navigate as it's just a drop down menu. The CAEA ones are appended to the "Opera" agreements which can be found here.

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